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Artwork Inspired by God - Created by David Magiera

David Magiera posing next to the Trumpet Call Bronze SculptureDear friends in Christ, Since 1976, God has been faithful to stretch my faith and challenge my talents with many seemingly impossible ideas. My beginning days in Christ were quite extraordinary -- and my walk in Christ has been filled with many joys and many painful failures. But through it all, God has kept my focus on His soon return.

What Jesus says in His Word, and what He endured on the cross, is beyond comprehending in the natural. I believe it is only by walking through life -- in His Word -- that we can keep our spirit alive in His Truth. Life is filled with lies, distractions and self-satisfying activities. Keeping our minds fixed on His love for us -- and through us -- is our primary task. I believe it is our responsibility to capture the mind of Jesus and apply it to everyday living. This is where true peace can be found. When wisdom is lacking, God will interact with His amazing blessings. When knowledge is needed, He will give remarkable ideas to those who refuse to quit. By keeping our eyes on our Savior and the Father of Creation, all things begin to work together for the good.

Over the course of my life, I have had the opportunity to imagine and create many ideas that I felt would be a benefit to others. Some have succeeded, many have failed. But keeping our eyes on the Lord brings glory to our Father regardless of the financial outcome. In the past 40 years, God has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and with little more than pure determination, I have pressed into new areas of expression. The Elijah Gallery is the culmination of decades of effort and discovery.

I pray you are touched by His Spirit and that God is glorified in this endeavor.

David Magiera

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Several years ago, I was inspired to create the Elijah Quiz. I thought it would be a great way to help people realize their knowledge of Scripture and test their readiness to meet Jesus. The Elijah Quiz was officially launched in 2022. Over 170,000 people have visited the Elijah Quiz in this first year. With this success in my hand, I decided to capture His beautiful creations over the past 40 years and present them in the Elijah Gallery.

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